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Narrated Industrial History


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This section gives a hearing to the people, whose engagement, hard work and wealth of ideas created industrial culture. They tell about hard times underground, about difficult and dangerous working conditions but also about proudness and comradship. (Unfortunately, this section is available in German language only.)

I am full of gratitude to the authors!

Markus Grünthaler   Markus Grünthaler tells about the Maxhütte


Markus' Gedanken zum Thema 'Ein heißer Sommer'

Auf der Maxhütte
Eindrücke von der Maxhütte

Mutter Maxhütte
Vom Leben mit der Maxhütte

Josef Schmitz   remembrances to Sallaumines Fosse 4 by 'Jupp' Josef Schmitz
Sallaumines Fosse 4
Erinnerungen an meinen Freund Heinz

Hans Rauscher   "reports on my collier's training" by Hans Rauscher

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